Gospel Choir Workshops

‘If your  gospel choir lacks a “sense of calling, that sense of ministry . . . you can hear it in the worship experience,” says Samuel Friedman in the “New York Times.” To do its job, a choir must be trained to inspire the congregation as well as sing, perform and rehearse with the same professionalism as paid singers.


                                 The Kilkenny Gospel Choir offers workshops in:


  1. The history of Gospel Music
  2. The Spirituality of Gospel Music
  3. How to sing Gospel Music
  4. Leading a Gospel Choir
  5. The dynamics of a Gospel Choir
  6. Leadership in a Gospel Choir

For information on Gospel Choir Training contact:   kilkennygospelchoir@gmail.com

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Contact Kilkenny Gospel Choir

All information and bookings for the Kilkenny Gospel Choir are handled by the PRO. Please contact Mary Kealy on 087 2927958 or click here for full contact details.

Mary Kealy PRO, Kilkenny Gospel Choir, Drishane House, Old Callan Road, Kilkenny, Ireland.